About me

My name is Zoe Louise and I am a dedicated spiritually aligned life coach.

I am an expert in relationships, balance, harmony, love and menstrual cycles. I guide women as they fall in love with who they truly are and learn how to give themselves everything they desire.

I healed my own life and fell in love with my menstrual cycle, and took back the power to create my own happiness. I have fallen in love with my whole self and discovered my own dreams by putting my emotional wellbeing as top priority. Now I get to live a life filled with joy, love and peace doing what I love and helping other women do the same.

I believe that living freely does not come naturally to all of us, especially if we have experienced any kind of trauma. When we learn love ourselves first and foremost, we understand on a deeper level how to give love and receive it openly from others.

I can help you balance and harmonise all parts of who you really are so you can live in your powerful authenticity in complete freedom. My clients are truly in love with themselves and from that space are able to create and gracefully attract all they truly desire. They share their divine femininity with others and boldly create and live out their dreams.

When we understand how complete, worthy and whole we truly are, that is when we can live a life filled with abundance and joy and attract real love into our lives with ease and grace.

Zoe Louise Life Coach

I’m here to help you re-discover who you really are and what you really want. I help my clients love who they are and make decisions with confidence that allow them to shine their absolute brightest and share their beauty and unique talents with the rest of the world.

 My Experience – Continually Expanding & Growing

  • Awakened Academy Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy – 12 months
  • Neuro Linguistic programming Certified course – Ongoing
  • Life Coach Sophie – The Yes Woman – 6 month coaching course
  • Life Coach Sophie – The Naturally Abundant Queen Group Programme – Coaching group programme for female entrepreneurs
  • Women’s Circle Creatrix Training – The Goddess Ceremony lead by the inspiring Cassandra Wilder
  • Forza Innata Experience – Coaching course with Italian leading specialists Dario + Andrea
  • Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Workshop – Jake Woodard
  • Power Manifesting Collective Coaching – Ongoing
  • Freedom Formula – Junior Facilitator
  • Becoming The One 4 week course – Woman Rising

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