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Are you emotionally exhausted from the ups and downs of your cycle?

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Zoë Louise Life Coach

Ciao bella donna!
Well done and congratulations for getting this far. I am so proud to welcome you here.

I am Zoe Louise and I am an expert relationship cycles, menstruation cycles, love balance and harmony.

I have 3 important missions in this world.

I help brave women step into their true power, I help women live in harmony with their hormones throughout their cycle and I inspire women harmonise and love all of who they are, trust themselves and make lasting changes in their lives. 

I have healed my life, learned how to harmonise with all parts of me and live a life filled with love, joy and freedom.

I have mastered the art of making brave choices, trusting my intuition, deeply aligning with my cycles and my divine femininity which has guided me to where I am today – Living a freedom based life I love and helping others do the same.

” I believe that women have an innate power within. 
When we align with this divine flow, we fall in love with our true selves
and attract that which we truly desire into our lives with ease and grace.”

I will help you…

Break free from unhealthy relationships for good.

Take your power back so you can create a life you love.

Harmonise and love all the parts of who you truly are.

Unlock the power within your flow.
Realign with your truth so you can discover what it is you truly desire.

Let go of whatever keeps you feeling stuck.

Break the cycle of self destructive patterns once and for all.

Love yourself enough to make the commitment now!

Zoë Louise Life Coach

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Isabella May Leonard

I felt I was really given the perfect amount of space to learn about myself and to connect. The session was gentle in pace, filled with different ways that encouraged me to reflect, in a space where I found confidence to voice my thoughts and findings. I felt the energy grow throughout the session as I continued to share, leaving me feeling excited but also peaceful. Zoe brings something grounding and has a very special understanding and ability to focus on my energy. After just one session, I was amazed and surprised to find myself suddenly connecting to something that had come up in our session together and it suddenly chimed true for me in real life. The session was still feeding me days later.

Isabella May Leonard - Life Counsellor
Irina Tello

Thank you Zoe Goddard for inviting me into your beautiful space. I felt safe, vulnerable and strong. It was such a wonderful experience to share my true desires, dance together and let go of words that I had carried on my back for so long. Your guidance and your presence was beautiful.

Irina Tello - now studying at University to get her masters!
Mairi Morton

I reached out to Zoe Louise Life Coach as I was confronting a time of huge change in my life. She helped me make sense of the big changes I needed to make and gave me the confidence to move forward. Zoe is so understanding and pays so much attention to detail that she can make the solutions to problems seem so obvious!
I highly recommend her to help you uncover your true potential.

Mairi Morton - now an aspiring interior designer!